Honouring power of sport in 土著 和解

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一个展览长曲棍球比赛在星期日,8月22日. 28, 2022, highlights the Commonwealth lək̓ʷəŋən 体育真理宣言, Reconciliation and Partnership with 土著 Peoples, which will be discussed at the 2022 Victoria Forum. 资料来源:世界杯官方合作网站摄影服务公司.

一份促进真理的国际宣言, respect and 和解 seeks to harness the power of sport to address historical and current issues impacting 土著 Peoples, a key focus of the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) during the Victoria Forum at the 世界杯官方合作网站

英联邦 lək̓ʷəŋən 体育真理宣言, Reconciliation and Partnership with 土著 Peoples is a key topic of the Aug. 28 - 30论坛, 弥合分歧:地盘,真相和信任. 宣言的目的是尊重, protect and promote the rights and opportunities of 土著 Peoples through sport, and in particular the legacy planning and delivery of Commonwealth Games and Commonwealth Sport events.

An 国际 working group will continue to draft the declaration at a roundtable event during the forum, 概述事件所有者的具体行动, 运动身体 and 政府s can do to recognize the power of sport in 土著 partnership and 和解.

论坛, 由世界杯官方合作网站和加拿大参议院共同赞助, 将包括世界杯官网中文版的代表吗, 澳大利亚, who are hosting the next edition of the Commonwealth Games in 2026. Organizers have placed First Nations involvement and benefit as central to their vision.

2022年世界杯官网中文版论坛于8月8日星期日开幕. 28, 2022

2022年世界杯官网中文版论坛于8月8日星期日开幕. 28, 2022, with a ceremonial canoe welcome at Victoria’s Inner Harbour. 资料来源:世界杯官方合作网站摄影服务公司.

Sport has a long and vibrant history in 土著 communities and is a vital tool in bridging divides around the world, 艾娃·希尔说, co-chair of the declaration’s 国际 working group and former elected chief of Six Nations of the Grand River.

“I am proud to lead the development of this visionary and action-oriented declaration that will have a long-term, 对土著青年产生积极影响.” 

- 艾娃·希尔, board director of Commonwealth Sport 加拿大 and advisory member of the Victoria Forum

The work to shape a declaration began in 2019 at a meeting in London between representatives of the Commonwealth Games Federation and the Victoria Forum. That meeting launched the development of a global declaration on the power of sport as a positive contributor for addressing historical and current issues of truth and 和解.

一旦在2022年晚些时候批准, the declaration will be promoted to other 国际 体育 organizations in the hope that they will follow suit with their own declarations. Sport figures in four of 加拿大’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action.

The declaration builds on CGF’s human rights policy statement, 它寻求促成和支持和平, partnership and 和解 across its membership and CGF events.

“I am delighted to be at the Victoria Forum with so many 国际 delegates who share our belief that sport can play a vital role in addressing global issues that affect citizens, 运动员和社区,路易斯·马丁爵士说, 英联邦运动会联合会主席.

“We are building on the Reconciliation Action Plan of Gold Coast 2018, and the enormously successful celebration of Commonwealth diversity and inclusion at Birmingham 2022. 参与受影响群体, 运动身体, 包括世界杯官方合作网站的72个成员吗, 和大学, our aim is to co-create a global declaration related to 和解 and partnership through sport. We are enormously thankful to the Victoria Forum for playing an important part in this project.”

“我要感谢 lək̓ʷəŋən people for allowing the Commonwealth Games Federation to use the name of these lands for this important declaration that not only honours the power of sport, but the need for meaningful partnerships rooted in relationships with 土著 communities.”

- Qwul’sih’yah’maht Robina托马斯, 世界杯官方合作网站’s vice-president, 土著

“Congratulations to our global partners for working on the declaration and continuing the important discussion 在这里 in lək̓ʷəŋən 领土.”

This declaration reflects the 世界杯官方合作网站’s commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, driving change and meaningful impact on a global level through local and 国际 partnerships. 阅读世界杯官方合作网站关于世界杯官方合作网站2022年排名的信息.

阅读关于独木舟桨的设计 在这里.

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